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Automatic and Immediate data

TOTAL FLEET Connect is ready to serve you and make your work easier immediately. All your vehicle data is pre-recorded: license plates, brands and models, mileage, maintenance programs... The feedback goes to you automatically with no additional manipulation or configuration. Only one thing for you to do: Log in and enjoy the time you saved to get ahead with the rest of your work.

The right decisions
at the right time

Visualize fleet emergencies and priorities at a glance. Leasing contracts running out, maintenance to be carried out, abnormal activity in a vehicle... TOTAL FLEET Connect is a true smart assistant that regroups all the information and ranks the importance of each item for you. TOTAL FLEET Connect provides valuable assistance so you don’t miss any information, so you can organize your day and quickly manage the needs of your fleet.

Real-time fleet location

Locate a vehicle that has broken down, find and contact the team closest to the location where you need it, find out about traffic on an employee’s journey.... Activate the geolocation function to manage your fleet in real time and optimize travel. Unless your drivers disable it from their application. Because TOTAL FLEET Connect has also thought about their privacy !

Maintenance managed for you

TOTAL FLEET Connect provides you with vehicle maintenance alerts. As the time for check-ups or maintenance approaches, your assistant suggests making an appointment and supports you in the process, every step of the way. Once the appointment is made, the driver is given the places and times on his web or mobile application. If the driver is in charge, you will receive this information. What is done by one party is always sent to the other! All you have to do is add the invoice to the vehicle’s history, and classify it if necessary.

Identify your drivers

Who drove which vehicle, where and when? With TOTAL FLEET Connect the answer is easy and immediate. With its intelligent badge system, every journey is associated with a driver. No more physical and time-consuming logs. Make room for digitalization... and speed !

Motivate your teams
and keep them safe

Challenge your drivers on their driving and improve their safety at the wheel! Take advantage of the indicators provided by your smart assistant to reward them for complying with the rules of eco-driving and safety. Your fleet, your business and your relationships with your teams have everything to gain as well…

Measurements, evaluation, numbers...
TOTAL FLEET Connect report please !

TOTAL FLEET Connect can evaluate everything. Vehicle consumption, amount of CO2 emissions, cost of maintenance or leasing contracts, driving time... The accuracy of each data item can be customized for both comprehensive and detailed metrics and comparisons by category, vehicle, driver or period. An ideal function for instant identification of your fleet’s strengths and weaknesses, determining the points where savings are needed and making the right choices.

Delegating is ok

Give your employees access to all or part of the platform. Wherever they are working, enable them to access all the features or customize a configuration based on their position and geography. You decide everything...
You are always in charge !

Non-stop communication

TOTAL FLEET Connect was designed to inform and be informed. Thanks to its built-in instant messaging capacity you can chat with your drivers and share many types of documents. If your vehicle breaks down or in case of a fender bender, a message or a photo of the damage will enable you to make the right decisions in record time. In parallel, you are notified of any action by your drivers. And vice versa. All the information goes both ways and is completely transparent.

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